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Tequila Cocktails with a Kick by Colleen Graham

Tequila celebrates the Mexican distilled spirit. With a taste profile unlike any other distilled spirit, tequila can be paired with a multitude of flavors or imbibed more as a sipping drink as with the new wildly popular high-end tequila. There is a misnomer that tequila is reserved for the margarita cocktail and tequila shots, when the spirit is really far more versatile and can be paired with innovative flavors to create sophisticated drinks. Tequila includes information on tequila production, its history and culture, stocking the tequila bar, 90 cocktail recipes developed by the author, the pros and cons of using a margarita mix vs. fresh mix, plus sidebars on appellations of origin, reading a tequila label, tequila flights, world records, and significant achievements involving tequila.

Photography by Shannon Graham

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