Canvas Accessory Pouch with Custom Children's Artwork


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One of our favorite and most versatile small accessories, the make up bag/accessory pouch is always in style with its classic two-tone canvas body. It has a zip closure with a one-inch finger loop to match the base color. Pouch measures 7" H x 11" W x 3" D.


  • Artwork embroidered on this pouch will be no more than 4" tall and 5" wide.
  • Artwork should be no more than 8 colors. Thread colors will be chosen based on colors used in the artwork. 
  • Artwork MUST be emailed to within 48 hours or your order will be refunded and cancelled. 
  • Artwork may be scanned or photographed. Photos need to be taken where there is no angle that will distort the photos. 
  • If you order multiple pouches with the SAME artwork, a 10% discount per item will be refunded after purchase. 
  • Any questions? email or call 903-747-8025

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